Alana Magdalene Illustration Alana Magdalene Illustration


You can just call me 'Alana'.
I am am freelance artist whose works reflects a sense of mystery, endearment and a touch of surrealism. I'm inspired by the search of finding magic in the monotony of everyday life. 

Notable Clients: GreenGold Animation, Primark, LeadPages, McDonalds, Nestle, CBS, Gallery1988, Helikon Gallery, Lowbrow Gallery

I've lived and worked from many different places and have traveled often. Some of the places I've lived include
Denver, Los Angeles, Berlin, Waterford and Valencia. 

I'm currently living abroad in Kyoto, Japan studying Japanese with my Partner. My dream is to someday be fluent in Japanese and live as an illustrator in Japan. 

Hobbies: Jogging, Rollerblading, Drumming, Writing Folk Music

Please send all work inquiries to my email,